In the Glass is a video series produced for the Menokin Foundation. Menokin is a 500 acre former Virginia home of signer of Declaration of Independence, Francis Lightfoot Lee, where many were enslaved for over 100 years. The Menokin Foundation's creative approach reimagines how individuals connect to history and promote provocative dialogue around our nation’s founding ideals and realities.

"In the Glass" brings together individuals from different origins and backgrounds for thought-provoking conversations about their lived experiences and shared connections to Menokin's past, present, and future, discovering teaching moments from one another and our culture at large. 

Produced and directed by Michael Beller.  Shot and edited by Jason Harris. Posted by permission of the Menokin Foundation.

Episode One: "The Remembrance Structure"

Architect Reid Freeman and renowned genealogist Tom Duckenfield discuss the Remembrance Structure at Menokin, its significance, and their own connections to it. 

The Remembrance Structure serves as a platform for open conversations about the role that slavery played at Menokin, as well as its legacy in our communities today.

Episode Two: "The Glass House" 

Nakita Reed, an architect who worked on Menokin’s Glass House Project and current Menokin Board President Bo Tayloe discuss the Glass House Project, sustainability in historic preservation, and Menokin’s place in the preservation community to bring light to the legacies of slavery and other cultural relevancy past, present and future.

Episode Three: "Through the Lens"

Reginald A. Pearman, Jr. is a Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer. Hullihen Williams Moore is a student of Ansel Adams and renowned landscape photographer. In this episode of “In the Glass with Menokin,” they discuss their craft, documenting Menokin, the world around them, and the role of photographers in capturing history.  

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