Michael Beller is a digital media and content executive with decades of experience in creating multi-platform campaigns for Fortune 500 companies, foundations, and non-profits. Beller has directed and produced numerous video series in addition to exhibiting as a documentary photographer.  He is currently based out of Richmond, VA and Los Angeles, CA.


Michael Beller currently serves as Director of Digital Initiatives and Communications at the Menokin Foundation. Previous experience includes digital content and strategy executive positions at NBC, ABC, AOL, Contend, and early stage startups. Beller founded the Heron Collaborative in 2016 to work with foundations supporting non-profit storytelling.


Michael Beller graduated with honors from the University of Virginia with an advanced degree in History and minor in Theater Production. 


Content: Photography, Video Producing and Directing, Story Development, Web UI/UX , Social Media, Communications 

Software: Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop, Squarespace, Quicken, Microsoft Office

Complete Michael Beller resume available here

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